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Habits, Hang-ups, and Hangouts


According to a cross-section of transportation truckers, there are some common characteristics of drivers. Some are surprising, while others are simply a reminder to those who are not truck drivers to show respect to those who deliver our goods day by day.




Truckers’ Habits:

  • Favourite fast food joints: Subway and Wendy’s for a fast full meal; Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Horton’s for that sweet desert and coffee.
  • Snacks on the road, truckers today are making healthier choices, such as fruit, granola bars, nuts, and lots of water.
  • Favourite places to enjoy the scenery: Banff, Alberta.
  • Favourite music while driving: a surprising classic rock and talk shows.
  • Preferred method of communication: smartphones, Backberry’s, Skype, and FaceTime
  • Preferred mode of work related communication: laptop computers.
  • Pastimes while waiting for loads: more and more truckers are finding a way to include exercise in their down time.


Truckers’ Hang-ups:

  • No shower facilities at truck stops.
  • Erratic driving by other motorists.
  • Impatient motorists passing trucks over the double line.
  • Motorists not giving oversized loads a wide berth.
  • Motorists not anticipating the wide turn path of trucks at city intersections.


Truckers’ Hangouts:

  • Favourite motels: Super 8 Motels and Days Inn offer a good overnight stay.
  • Favourite rest stops: rated on cleanliness, ease of access, attractiveness, and enough room for some exercise
  • #1 favourite hangout when off road: home with family!


Titan Translines truckers are part of the family of transport truckers, here to serve you with the best in industry.

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