Trucker Shortage

Trucker Shortage

truck driving careerWith the Canadian trucking industry going strong and with no sign of substantial waning, there is always a trucker shortage. The dearth of truckers is a perennial issue, making it a go-to choice for those seeking employment.

  • Trucking can be a hard job. Local routes may require loading and unloading of heavy freight.
  • Long haul trucking means that drivers spend days at a time away from home, which can be difficult for families.
  • Long waits for return loads can be boring and frustrating.
  • There is some room for advancement, but not a lot unless a driver steps into a management position.
  • Rigs are becoming more and more expensive with stricter regulations on safety, as well as sophisticated computerized technology for accounting, tracking, and systems monitoring.
  • The cost of operating a truck has also risen with the rise in fuel prices. Unless these increased costs are compensated for by higher wages, more truck owners will sell out and leave the industry.

There are, however, great reasons to enter the vocation and stick with it:

  • Wages are rising to entice new workers.
  • No college degree is needed, but only a few short weeks training at a commercial trucking school.
  • Once in the industry, a conscientious driver will never be without a job.
  • The independence of operating without the presence of a boss offers a sense of freedom.
  • The opportunity to travel and see many parts of the continent is appealing.

Trucking is one occupation that does not appear to fluctuate in the need for workers. It is a serious contender for those seeking employment.

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