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Truckers and Other Motorists-Keeping our Roads Safe

Truckers and Other Motorists-Keeping our Roads Safe

safe trAny reputable trucking company will encourage motorists to report truckers who exhibit unsafe driving practices. At Titan, we realize that helping to keep our roads safe for truckers and other motorists alike benefits all parties; injuries and deaths are avoided, and customers will continue to trust and utilize responsible transport companies. Here are some examples of dangerous trucker behaviours.

  • Obviously, speeding is a leading cause of accidents for any vehicle, but when a large truck is involved in such an incident, injury and damages can be astronomical. When that truck loses its load, there could be many more victims, road blockages, or environmental damage.
  • A trucker who is observed to be extremely tired becomes a hazard to himself and those around him. The pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines causes some drivers to cover more distance over longer hours than mandated. Such risks lead to poor driving decisions. Overhearing a trucker complain or brag about excessive driving to meet the demands of an owner or to raise his income should be reported.
  • As with all drivers, drinking and driving is lethal and can be fatal to the perpetrator as well as to innocent victims.
  • Tailgating and cutting in closely to other vehicles is not only unnerving to motorists, but dangerous as well.
  • A driver may not be aware that his load is becoming unsecured or that tires are about to unravel. Immediately gaining his attention is the safest practice and will be much appreciated.

A-one service requires responsible decisions from the top down. Titan is committed to delivering the best for their clients.

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