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Trucking Companies Canada

Trucking Companies Canada

How Bad Weather Affects the Transport of Your Freight

winter truckingWe live in an extremely time-oriented society. When an on-line business tells us that our purchase will arrive within 10 business days, we expect that this will happen. Late arrivals of goods is frustrating, and we tend to blame the transporting agent for poor service. However, we must take into account those circumstances that unavoidably delay delivery. Trucking companies in Canada take into account all weather hazards when handling your shipment.

Those who live in Canada usually think of bad travelling conditions as snowstorms and icy roads. Perhaps in the Midwest, severe cold and high winds come to mind. U.S. residents may remember the devastation of tornadoes or hurricanes. Severe flooding is an extreme hazard for travelers as well. Whatever the perilous conditions, travel at such times is undertaken at great risk to vehicles and passengers alike.

Truckers face these situations on a fairly regular basis; the seasons each bring their own particular brand of threatening weather conditions. Truckers are trained to navigate in fairly adverse circumstances, but good judgment should overrule other factors when transporting cargo on our roads. There are always schedules to consider, with pressure to arrive on time and pick up the next load. After all, time is money in this industry. However, wisdom dictates that truckers use good, solid judgment in navigating our highways. It is better for freight and driver to arrive a little late in good condition, than not at all.

Understanding and courtesy on the part of customers, coupled with wisdom on the part of truckers will get the job done well. This is the ultimate in good service.

A leader in trucking companies in Canada,  Titan Translines offers their customers the best options, great prices, and exceptional service for their transportation needs. We keep you posted on where your shipment is and when to expect delivery. Call our customer service agents for personal assistance, or click our “Quick Quote” button.


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