Truckload Trucking Companies

Truckload Trucking Companies

Full-Truckload-Shipping-FTL-300x225Truckload trucking companies specialize in delivering full trailer loads of goods to one client. Common examples are the semis advertising their company across the side of the trailer, such as McDonalds with a 2 metre high Big Mac and fries, or Tim Hortons with an enormous, tempting donut. Any large department store or restaurant chain will usually ship by full truckload due to the volume of goods needing delivery. Manufacturers receiving large amounts of materials for production is another example. Companies that ship full loads on a regular basis will often contract a trucking company for their exclusive use.

There are advantages to shipping by FTL (full truck load).

  • Freight is generally handled only at source and final destination, whereas less than truckload (LTL) cargo may be moved from truck to truck or rearranged along the route as other cargo is added or removed.
  • Delivery is usually faster as the route is direct, rather than a roundabout route to pick up cargo from several customers.
  • The customer usually uses the same transportation company and will have preferred pricing.
  • The trucking company and client will develop a mutually trusting relationship.

Cargo is usually crated or loaded onto pallets. This makes for ease of loading and unloading, and cargo is more secure with very little shifting of the load.

Many trucking companies, such as Titan Translines, offer both FTL and LTL, as well as flat bed, reefer, and transportation for extra high or heavy equipment. With over 50 terminals across Canada and the U.S, they are able to meet your varied needs for movement of goods.

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