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Truckload Trucking Companies

Truckload Trucking Companies

Large transport trucks have the capacity to move a variety of freight in a fast, efficient manner. Truckload trucking companies utilize several different types of carriers.

Articulated Truck

Articulated trucks are distinct from smaller Straight trucks in that they have two or more separate frames connected by couplings. With this model, truck tractors (the driving unit) are designed primarily for the purpose of pulling heavily loaded trailers.
The paired units are sometimes called a semi-trailer truck or transport truck, consisting of the towing engine, attached to one or more trailers designed to carry freight. The semi-trailer is connected at a point that is just forward of the rear-most axle of the tractor unit. In this way, the towing unit bears some of the weight of the load. The tractor may have as many as four or five axles for hauling of heavy equipment or may haul two trailers in tandem, a cost-efficient method of moving a large amount to freight to a common destination.
With this design, truck tractors and trailers can be mixed and matched to accommodate the specific needs of the hauler. Some common variations include:
• Refrigerator trucks (reefers) designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures. These are insulated and contain either a mechanical refrigeration unit or one using carbon dioxide as the cooling agent. They are temperature controlled to adjust to various cargoes requiring cool to freezing temperatures. Freight may be produce, meats, beverages, or pharmaceuticals.
• Heavy haulers are very large transporters designed for moving oversized loads. These consist of an extra heavy-duty tractor and multi-axled, low-bed trailer. The trailer may be a double drop, in order to accommodate freight, such as cranes, that is too high for transport on conventional flat beds.
• Wide Loads, the largest type of LCV (larger combination vehicles), transport prebuilt homes, very large construction equipment, and other loads that exceed the weight and width limits of normal truck loads. Special permits and escorts are required for this type of transport.
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