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What Does the Freight Carrier’s Association Offer Truckers?

What Does the Freight Carrier’s Association Offer Truckers?

The FCA is the Freight Carrier’s Association of Canada. Together with the NATC (North American Transportation Council), it is a vital support agency for truckers working for-hire across Canada and the United States. With the pooled experience of many motor carriers over the years, this organization is well-equipped to offer sound advice and solutions to problems truckers encounter.Freight Carriers Association

As the trucking industry changes and grows, unique challenges arise. Trucking transport companies such as Titan benefit from the expertise of those with broad past experience and those presently plying the roads. For example, one such challenge is the ever-increasing congestion of city streets that were not engineered to accommodate today’s volume of trucking transport.

  • The FCA examines such difficulties and seeks solutions through surveys and research in order to better protect the interests of both trucking companies and customers.
  • The Freight Carrier’s Association also provides a means whereby truckers can discuss common problems and issues amongst themselves, offering mutual support and encouragement.
  • The two associations collaborate to develop rate structures and software for trucking companies in order to provide quality business practices for carriers and ease of access to services for customers.
  • The FCA keeps truckers informed of newly arising legislature, and other issues affecting the industry, such as the effects of fluctuating oil prices.

The FCA is an invaluable resource of information and insight for those employed in the trucking industry. No one needs to face the challenges of this large and ever-changing business alone. Titan Translines is proud to make use of this important resource to keep in top form as a leader in the trucking transport industry. You can trust Titan to ship your cargo safely and offer you the best options at competitive prices.

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