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Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking

gI_125274_women-in-truckingIf you had asked people on the street a few decades ago about the possibility of women ever being commercial truckers, you probably would have been treated to a hearty laugh. In spite of the fact that women have helped drive farming equipment , including trucks for about as long as trucks have existed, trucking as a career was not open to women until a few years ago. Things have changed!

As families have decreased in size, women have become more available to work outside the home. The line between what was formerly considered male and female occupations has become blurred. Two income families have become very common, as well as single parent families in which the mother works out of necessity. With unemployment a frequent problem, women sometimes have taken up the slack to help provide for their families.

Gradually, women have dared to move from jobs that were traditionally female into the realm of male-dominated jobs. The pioneers of such radical moves took the brunt of prejudice, but soon proved their worth as competent, responsible drivers. Women are now a respected part of the truck driving force.

Of course, women bring new character to the industry.  The variety tends to breathe fresh life along with the fresh new face.

Women in Trucking? You bet! You’ve come a long way baby!

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