Container Trucking Companies

Container Trucking Companies

container truckingContainers, in the context of shipping, refers to large rectangular, steel boxes. The sizes are now internationally standardized, including 6, 12.2, 14.6, and 16.3 metres in length.

Large numbers of containers are transported together on freight trains. This is the most economical method of moving freight and is most environmentally friendly. But trains have limited access to remote communities or areas of large urban centres. It is trucks that pick up the baton from there, delivering the cargo to its end point or transferring it again to trains, ships or planes.

There are several advantages of shipping by container. With large amounts of cargo to transfer to a single destination, moving it in containers if very efficient. Handling is limited, and loading and unloading are quick. Security of the load is another major advantage, as all freight is encased in steel.

From a trucker’s perspective, transporting containers is favourable. Time saved in the loading process means they can hit the road on their way to their final destination quickly. Flat beds are utilized, so the container can be loaded from either side or the back of the trailer. Various types of containers can themselves be loaded from 3 sides or the top. They can carry refrigerated, dry or liquid freight.

On a global scale, these standardized containers can be handled efficiently by most countries to which they are shipped.

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